The Best Haunted House in Texas Might Surprise You (or Scare You Silly)

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Those of you who like to get scared out of your wits (and dry underwear it seems) in the days and weeks leading up to Halloween have got to have some sort of gumption I wasn’t born with. You also have some crazy ideas for what counts as fun, but you’re not alone! Many people pay good money and even line up to attend some of the best haunted houses in Texas. Well, Frightfind wanted to find out exactly which haunted houses really did rank up there for fun, frights, and freaky-good times. They conducted a study for those in each state which were popular and, as it turns out, the best haunted house in Texas is located in the Hill Country!

Where’s the Best Haunted House in Texas? You Might be Surprised (or Scared Silly)

Photo: Facebook/Hill Prairie Winery

Taking into account what ranked as the most fun, not to mention all the social media buzz and customer reviews, Frighfind reviewed haunted houses throughout the country. They gave each location a score based on their customers’ level of satisfaction (or being scared silly, as it were) and when the cobwebs cleared, Austin was found to be home to the best haunted house in Texas. House of Torment carries the torch for being the Texas horror attraction with the best reviews, including the likes of the Travel Channel and USA Today, among others. It also received a ranking of third best in the entire nation from!

Where’s the Best Haunted House in Texas? You Might be Surprised (or Scared Silly)

Photo: Dyess AFB

The House of Torment is known for its high-quality sets and eerily life-like subject matter. How does a tour of an abandoned prison wing work for you? Although their characters may be just that – people in makeup – their plots and behavior are frightfully real! There’s also a Darkest Dreams section which is rumored to challenge the fears of its visitors thanks to a demon entity… And, then there’s the little oversight of a possession or two in the mix as a portion of the House of Torment called Trick or Treat. It’ll change the way you view Halloween for years! Need I say more? Apparently, you have to experience it to get the full flavor for what I’m talking about, and many have. They’ve touted the attraction as the true scare sensation that it is, and it appears to have rightfully won the title of best haunted house in Texas as a result. If like many before you, you’re searching for the supreme scare of a lifetime, you might want to take a trip to the Texas Hill Country. But, remember, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, a limb, or even their mind! Muah ha ha ha haaaa (or however spooky, evil laughs go). Have fun!