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Corpus Christi Restaurant Has the Biggest Breakfast Taco in Texas!

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Recio’s Smokehouse Restaurant has just had one of their menu items named the biggest breakfast taco in the state of Texas! According to Robert Recio, it originally started out as a request from his sons to his wife saying, “hey, mama we’re hungry, make us a big taco,” and it turned out to be a Corpus Christi go-to for the taco crowd.

If we back it up a little, as Recio explained to “So my wife made a big ole tortilla and said what do you want, ‘I want chorizo, bacon egg, potato egg, sausage egg, back then we used to put carne guisada on top of it, but now we put brisket and cheese.'” He and his wife Minnie own the popular restaurant, which is located on Old Brownsville Rd. Not only is Recio’s Smokehouse Restaurant recognized for this latest achievement. the biggest breakfast taco in Texas, but they also have years of award-winning barbeque under their belts.

Corpus Christi Restaurant Has the Biggest Breakfast Taco in Texas!

Photo: Facebook/Recio’s Smokehouse Restaurant & Catering

On to the famed Recio Taco! This bad boy is absolutely filled to the brim with homemade refried beans, bacon and egg, chorizo and egg, sausage and egg, potato and egg, followed by their award-winning brisket, and topped off with a hefty helping of shredded cheese. Although you might think this would be pricey, it’s actually priced at $14.99. It’s such a crowd pleaser that people travel from all over to experience this masterpiece! And why wouldn’t they? The owner says that these breakfast tacos range between four and five pounds. But the ingredients aren’t exact, Recio explained that he just makes it and doesn’t count what’s going into the creation. They most definitely don’t cheap out! Just one taste of the Recio Taco will have you coming back for more! Have you tried this great taco yet?