3 Types of Tacos You Need In Your Life Right Now

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Anyone who tells you they don’t like tacos usually has a lengthy story legitimately tied to it. Because, ultimately, who doesn’t like tacos? Seriously! In Texas, we practically have the patent on them, and it’s not hard to tell. Taquerias have been well established in many a Lone Star State city, suburb, and small town for years. People write entire articles on them! But those who perhaps aren’t so keen on this unique delicacy may not be aware that there are different types to be had. If they were, the tide might turn on their taco distaste. Here are three types of tacos you need in your life right now!

1. Puffy Tacos

3 Types of Tacos You Need In Your Life Right Now

Photo: Facebook/Rosario’s Mexican Cafe y Cantina

San Antonio, in the Texas Hill Country, is synonymous with the puffy taco. The taco shell sets it apart from all others, being (of course) puffed up. It’s purposely fried that way, and the fillings sit nicely inside, making it equally as tasty as its predecessors, if not even more so. If you’ve never tried a puffy taco, you need to get to San Antonio to sample one, pronto!

2. Breakfast Tacos

3 Types of Tacos You Need In Your Life Right Now

Photo: Flickr/Edwin_x_ochoa

The breakfast taco is a fantastic way to experience two foods in one, breakfast-style cuisine combined in a Mexican-inspired presentation. We do them so well in Texas, in March of this year a Lone Star State lawmaker petitioned to make it an official state food! Top fast food chains are coming out with their own versions, chefs are challenging others in breakfast taco showdowns, and Texans are arguing over which city first developed this culinary delight! It’s truly a morning masterpiece and a mouthful you need to experience now!

3. Indian Tacos

3 Types of Tacos You Need In Your Life Right Now

Photo: Instagram/sixnationstourism

Adding a bit of Native American flare to this delicacy, the Indian Taco is all of your standard taco ingredients piled high onto a large, hot, piece of fry bread. Not typically sold in a restaurant setting or taqueria in Texas, the Indian Taco can usually be purchased at a fair, cultural festival, a pow wow, or you can try your hand at making one at home! The taste is unique, the inspiration is truly taco-rific, and the outcome is unbeatable! You definitely need to have this type of taco in your life now!