Blue Lagoon is the Texas Tropical Oasis You’ve Been Searching For

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As far as swimming holes that are special to many of our friends and families, Texas is filled with them. However, it never hurts to visit a new place that just might wind up being your absolute favorite. The Blue Lagoon in Huntsville is just that. A hidden gem of sorts, tucked-away from prying eyes and allowing for the natural beauty of Texas to come shining through, this pair of 28-foot-deep, treelined limestone quarries are the real-deal summer hideaway you’ve been wanting.

The lagoon’s beautifully refreshing waters have been described as “sapphire” in their look. You can even take scuba lessons while spending time in this wonderfully secluded swimming hole. The limestone quarry and its blue-green water is a quiet, relaxing retreat. It’s so quiet that you’ll hardly believe you’re as close to Houston as you are, and the artesian springs that feed the pools are extremely refreshing.

Blue Lagoon is the Texas Tropical Oasis You’ve Been Searching For

Photo: Facebook/Trips To Discover TX

Although this quiet and beautiful retreat is primarily a scuba training site, it’s also open to the public. Even though it’s secluded, its popularity has led to limited parking at times (only a certain number of vehicles are able to have access at any one time). Visitors are also granted a specific picnic table at which you and your friends or family can rest and relax during your time at Blue Lagoon. Thankfully, the sites vary from beachside to well-shaded. There’s also a retail store on-site for those who may have forgotten drinking water, snacks, or sunblock, which also supports scuba instructors and students with respect to gear. Like its own little tropical oasis in the heart of Texas, the Blue Lagoon, just outside of Huntsville, is the summer retreat you’ve been searching for.