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Boling Bunny Farm: Hop into Family Fun at This Texas Bunny Farm

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Even though Easter has come and gone, your child or grandchild’s love for all things furry and adorable with two long ears doesn’t necessarily end. In making the effort to support that love, why not consider a visit to your local bunny farm? That’s right. Such a place exists. You and your family can spend an entire day petting and playing with actual rabbits at Boling Bunny Farm near Houston.

Having every rabbit breed you can imagine, the farm features soft, furry playmates with pointy and floppy ears, in spotted fur, white, brown, and black, just to describe a few. If you’re looking for a permanent addition to your family, this Texas farm can teach you all about its care prior to purchase and help you choose the animal that’s right for you. They also provide show stock for 4-H and the FFA and are members of the Texas Rabbit Breeders Association, American Rabbit Breeders Association, and numerous breed clubs. Those looking to simply get some cuddle time in with these adorable bunnies can do that as well. You can even rent them for birthday parties, showers, and other special events!

Boling Bunny Farm: Hop into Family Fun at This Texas Bunny Farm

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The rabbits are well-cared-for and healthy and the Boling Bunny Farm aims to keep it that way. It’s recommended that for the best experience possible, visitors to the farm call in advance to book an appointment time. If you’re simply looking for assistance or have questions about the proper care and raising of bunnies, they’ll have the answers for you. Many of the Boling Bunny Farm rabbits are purebreds, and the farm’s reputation in livestock shows is proof. It has an excellent standing in competitions, and has produced more award-winning rabbits than any other in their area. If you’re looking to make the trek to check the farm out for yourself, you can find them at 19239 FM442, in Boling-Iago, southwest of Houston. Their hours of operation are usually 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven-days-a-week, however, please call ahead to confirm at (979) 793-5858 or email [email protected].