Best & Worst Brand Name Hot Dogs Ranked for Your Summer Cookouts!

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We’re about to embark on a summer unlike any other here in Texas. With the way our health and social concerns have collided, many Texans are opting to stay home more than ever, whether asked to or not. The idea of sharing time with those you love without worry of travel, stress, or anxiety over what may be happening in the world around us has become a far more popular concept of late. Subsequently, backyard barbecues and cook-outs have become a focus for family fun. Hot dogs are being purchased for such delicious options as roasted octo-dogs, barbecued and put on a bun, or fried campfire-style, and topped with anything imaginable. To help you make the best choice in terms of store-bought hot dogs, the people at Mashed put out their ranking of “The Best And Worst Hot Dogs To Buy At The Grocery Store.”

Shared on their YouTube channel, the video that defines the top dog runs roughly 7.5-minutes in length. It was posted in December 2019 (so just in advance of all our stay-at-home orders and coronavirus worries) and has been viewed more than 1.5 million times. Part of the video’s caption basically captures the gist in a nutshell: “Are they wieners, frankfurters, coneys, weenies or just hot dogs? No matter what you call them, you definitely know a great dog when you taste one. Here is our ranking of hot dogs that can be bought in a grocery store, from worst to best.”

Video: YouTube/Mashed

We know Texans love their beef. So, never you fear. There are some fine quality beef hot dogs or wieners or what-have-you on the list from Mashed which will keep you coming back for more! In no particular order, the video features such name brands as Bar-S Classic Franks, Eckrich Cheese Franks, Ball Park Original Beef Franks, Boar’s Head Uncured Beef Frankfurters, and Nathan’s Famous Angus Beef Franks. Whether you find them at Whole Foods, H-E-B, or your local small-town grocer, you’re bound to wonder how they rate if you’ve never tried them. That’s where the video above comes in handy.

While certain brands have long been known to outsell others throughout the U.S., that’s not necessarily because they’re the best-tasting. Price can often be a factor, and Mashed sorts out what other elements might come into play in the hotdog selection process. Feeding a large group, trying to make healthier choices, and taste are three of the top reasons people tend to make buying decisions in the wiener department. The fat content, nutrition information, and general pleasant taste when finally cooked will also help. But, if you’re unsure of either prior to purchase, you’ll know a little more after hearing what the Mashed rankings are for these beloved brands.