Quick & Dirty Brick Grill Tutorial: Great for Camping During Fire Restrictions

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Those who are into car-camping (where you’re parked relatively close to your campsite) will welcome the following video by Chef John from the Food Wishes YouTube channel. When you book a Texas state park or local festival campsite, often times there are open fire bans that necessitate constructive ways to cook outdoors. Weather permitting, you’ll love the option that Chef John has provided for how to make your own brick grill. It’s relatively reasonable in cost, easy to make, and simple to pack up and cart around.

Using a level ground surface, a few bricks, two grill components and some charcoal, Chef John explains the process in his step-by-step tutorial, “How to Make a Brick Grill – DIY Temporary Brick Hibachi Grill.” The cost for bricks at any home hardware or improvement store is considerably cost-effective. And grills for your homemade cooktop can easily be found at the same store or, if you’re frugal, at second-hand shops that sell household items.

Texans love to show off their barbecue skills come spring and summertime (heck, all year-round if they could). Although bigger is often seen as better, a well-constructed small hibachi-style grill like this will allow you to perfect your camping meal with ease. Chef John also notes that with these bricks, the height level can be adjusted for your grill, allowing you to cook at higher temperatures where required. For items you want to do in shorter cooking times, which are easy to prepare and serve while camping, this homemade brick grill is a fantastic (not to mention safe) way to go when car-camping in Texas parks or festival campgrounds!