Social Media Silver Lining: Brides Across America Sharing Dresses After Alfred Angelo Closing

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With the stress around planning a wedding, few brides dare think of the nightmare that many have now found themselves in with the closing of Alfred Angelo Bridal. Having recently shut down all 62 locations across the country with no prior signs that they were facing business woes, brides in various states having purchased gowns from over 1,400 retailers are now facing the difficult task of sourcing a dress on short notice and having lost their deposits and dress payment until further notice. Luckily, there is a social media silver lining to the story.

Many brides-to-be are getting a helping hand from brides that have been in their painful, white, satin, high-heeled shoes before. The same way they found out about Alfred Angelo Bridal closing (via social media), they are now getting help from former brides with dresses to share. Although KTLA previously reported that stores should be open for brides to pick up dresses that may possibly be ready (which is difficult, at best), brides are finding hope from other women that understand their predicament and are sharing pictures of their dresses with the hashtag #dressmatchmaker to lend their gowns to complete strangers.

With many short their dream dresses, it doesn’t have to spell disaster. Kind-hearted women across America are now offering their bridal gowns to strangers that were left without their dresses for their pending big day. Connecting brides to gowns with the help of Twitter, many of the dresses are being provided for free, and some are simply asking for shipping costs according to The Today Show. Texas brides-to-be need never fear when another Texas former bride is near (or a former bride from anywhere across this great country of ours, apparently!) Good on you ladies!


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