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Buc-ee’s Doesn’t Want Bucky’s Gas Station to Come to Texas

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Buc-ee’s cute beaver mascot might look unassuming and fun, but the company is not playing around with their thoughtfully planned out brand. Anyone who travels across highways in Texas knows that a bright yellow sign with a cartoon beaver sporting a red hat means you’re close to big clean bathrooms, plenty of gas pumps and delicious snacks like their own brand of brownies or popcorn. And Buc-ee’s doesn’t want to share those positive associations with a competitor.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Buc-ee’s is suing Bucky’s, a gas station chain from Nebraska that wants to expand into the Lone Star State. Eleven years ago the companies both filed for trademarking, and they battled each other until they reached an agreement that their brands were different enough to not confuse customers. But now Bucky’s wants to expand to Texas.

Click2Houston quotes Beaver Aplin, Buc-ee’s CEO, and co-founder, who said, “We must take action to ensure that our brand integrity remains intact and that our customers’ interaction with Buc-ee’s is what they have come to know and expect.”

Buc-ee’s isn’t afraid to stand their ground when they feel their brand is being encroached upon. In July last year, they sued Choke Canyon over their similar logo and store layout. Nobody messes with the Buc-ee’s Beaver.