Buffalo Soldiers & Seminole Scouts: Clifton Fifer Brings History to Life

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History is often more relatable when it comes to life. Clifton Fifer is actively working to do just that for his audiences. A storyteller, cowboy poet, dancer, singer, musician, and historical interpreter for 35 years, he is also a retired teacher who served Kerrville ISD for 33 years. His ties to the Lone Star State go even deeper: he is a fourth generation Texan, having lived in the Kerrville area all of his life.

Buffalo Soldiers & Seminole Scouts: Clifton Fifer Brings History to Life

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With such deep-set roots, Clifton aims to continue educating people about history, including its lesser-known facts and recreational activities. Showings often entail costumes, stories, and demonstrations with instruments like the washtub bass, hambone, diddly bow, and the Native American flute, as well as old-fashioned toys such as the wooden dancer. Don’t expect to just listen though; there’s always a chance to volunteer! Having worked many hours to master the various instruments and singing styles, Clifton feels comfortable in many genres of music. In fact, he also sings in a blues band and teaches country western dancing.

He often talks of life as an American cowboy, a time period in the Old West where the treatment of men was based upon their work ethic and integrity. The Buffalo Soldiers are also a common topic. This group was the first peacetime all-African American regiments in the regular U.S. Army; Buffalo Soldiers fought for the United States in every major war since the Civil War, when black regiments fought under different names. Clifton also knows all about the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts, just ask!

Buffalo Soldiers & Seminole Scouts: Clifton Fifer Brings History to Life

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With many years of practice, research, and insight, Clifton Fifer is a tremendous asset to the Texas Hill Country and to the outreach of history. His demonstrations are interesting, informative, and engaging to audiences young and older alike. Find him on LinkedIn and Facebook to book today!