Old West History Comes Alive: San Antonio’s McNutt Sculpture Garden

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McNutt Sculpture Garden in San Antonio is a little piece of paradise for Wild West art lovers. This charming set-up is part of Briscoe Museum’s outdoor public space. The courtyard is bounded by bronze sculptures of icons of Western America and located just off San Antonio River Walk.

Art Displayed at McNutt Sculpture Garden


Photo: Facebook/The Briscoe Western Art Museum

You will be amazed by these striking pieces, creations by some of the top Western artists in the country. McNutt Sculpture Garden is rich with Wild West art from depictions of cowboys to American Indians. It also displays immaculate sculptures of animals like horses, longhorns, cougars, and snakes. The setting of these sculptures in a garden amongst desert plants and grass adds an impressive natural touch. Nature brings out the actual beauty of these sculptures and makes them look truly alive.

Old West History Comes Alive

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Photo: Facebook/The Briscoe Western Art Museum

Yes, you may sit down and admire the fine pieces of art on display in this garden. Art lovers not only stroll through the grounds, but they have also used the central paved space as a venue for dancing, weddings, and receptions. In case you have some crazy ideas running through your mind right now, it would be best to check with the museum first before planning any event in the garden.

Getting Around Inside

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Photo: Facebook/The Briscoe Western Art Museum

Take care not to miss out on McNutt Sculpture Garde. From a distance, it simply looks like a decorated courtyard at Briscoe Western Art Museum. The side of the Jack Guenther Pavilion directs you to this stunning open courtyard of bronze sculptures. Make sure to follow a little pathway through the gate to get there, and then you can take in the breathtaking, romantic depictions of the Old West.

If you’d like to visit the McNutt Sculpture Garden, more information is available here.