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Bun Conundrum Hits Fast-Food Chains in the State of Texas, Leaving Some to Speculate

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A bun conundrum has hit the state of Texas this past week. Three leading fast food chains had to temporarily close or refurbish their menus following an issue with bread buns. Without the proper bread, it definitely makes it harder to hold a burger of any kind.

Starting on Monday, June 11, In-N-Out closed all 36 of its Texas locations after determining that their buns couldn’t cut the mustard (so-to-speak). Without identifying exactly what the issue was, a statement from In-N-Out noted, “At In-N-Out Burgers, we have always served the highest quality food with no compromise. We recently discovered that our buns in Texas do not meet the quality standards that we demand. There was and are no food safety concerns.” It was then reported that after being closed on June 12, all of its Texas locations were reopened.

Bun Conundrum Hits Fast-Food Chains in the State of Texas Leaving Some to Speculate

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Following this, Hill Country-based Whataburger pulled Texas toast and white buns from their menus in a number of Texas locations, alluding to issues with quality. The San Antonio-headquartered company issued a statement which defined the problem: “There’s no health risk at all, rather an impact on our bun’s flavor caused by an unbalance in the yeast, and we want to make sure our customers get the best product.” As opposed to closing, Whataburger advised its customers that they could opt for a flour tortilla, a wheat bun, or go bun-less at no additional cost, and extended their breakfast period to 1 p.m. At present, most locations appear to have their issues resolved.

Bun Conundrum Hits Fast-Food Chains in the State of Texas Leaving Some to Speculate

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Finally, on June 13, Raising Cane’s locations in north Texas were reported to be having issues with their toast. It was said to be a bread quality matter in a statement by the company, and the toast has been taken off the menu until it can be resolved. All three matters within one week in the state of Texas have led some to speculate about the possibility that the companies have a distributor in common that hasn’t yet been identified. The potential that an issue with yeast may be to blame has also been tossed around. In the short term, the fast-food chains appear to have their bun matters well in-hand. Now if we could just do something about the man-bun, we’d be making good progress.