Carvana Adds Another Car Vending Machine to Texas

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“Car buying, we think, should be an amazing and fun experience. Right now it takes a long time, about 4 hours at a dealership and creates a lot of angst and frustration,” WFAA 8 quotes Ryan Keeton, co-founder of Carvana. Carvana, which you may know from their “That didn’t suck” commercial jingle, opened a car vending machine on February 7th at 6014 South I–35 near Stassney Lane in Austin.

Houston and Nashville already have car vending machines, so Austin’s location marks the third of these unique structures in the United States. To use the space-age contraption, Austin Culture Map explains that you shop and purchase your new vehicle online using the Carvana website (or app) and then travel to the vending machine site where you’ll receive an oversized, special coin to place into the machine and watch your car deliver itself. If it’s too much of a spectacle for you, they’ll also deliver the car free of charge.

Many people would worry about purchasing a car on a mobile app before they even get to drive it, but Carvana allows customers one week’s time to test-drive the vehicle, and the car can be returned during the week if it isn’t meeting expectations.