Cats Patiently Wait as Their Owner Prepares Them a Beautiful Sushi Meal

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These two lucky kitties are chowing down on a much more gourmet meal than most of us will eat all day! In a new video uploaded by JunsKitchen, we can look on as Jun (who’s shockingly not a professional chef) shows off his incredible knife skills while making sushi for his two patient long-haired ginger cats.

Jun lists the following as his ingredients to make the Cat Sushi meal: “Sea bream, chicken breast, sashimi tuna, broad beans (or edamame), Japanese mustard spinach, bonito broth, and corn starch water.” Those who want to mimic the meal can turn on the English captions to get the full recipe, but let’s be honest, most viewers just want to see how the cats react! Watch the video below to see the cute big meal reveal.

If Jun’s hands and pets look familiar, it might be because you caught one of his other viral videos where he shows how he transformed a cheap dollar store knife into a super-sharp tool. His cats seem to like hanging out with him in the kitchen even when he isn’t cooking up something for them to eat.