Chick-fil-A Has a New Sauce and Fans are Raving About It

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The sauce at Chick-fil-A has long been a fan favorite – so much so that even some big-box retailers have been selling sauce knockoffs! However, the recent news that the fast-food chicken giant has released a cheese sauce has its massive fanbase on the uptick, many of which are taking to social media to sing its praises.

The new cheese-flavored dip at the beloved fried chicken franchise is causing quite the buzz. Fans are clearly Twitter-pated with the mixture of Swiss and Parmesan cheese incorporated into this new “heavenly” dip. The positive vibes just keep coming: “OMG @ChickfilA HAS CHEESE SAUCE AND ITS LIFE CHANGING,” said one tweet. “So I had no idea that some of y’all haven’t been experiencing the greatness of @ChickfilA cheese sauce until recently? So sorry to hear that. I’ve BEEN obsessed,” said another.

Chick-fil-A Has a New Sauce and Fans are Raving About It

Photo: Facebook/Russell Rice

436 Chick-fil-A locations across America are getting the new cheese-flavored dip. Texas markets haven’t necessarily chimed in on the Twitter feedback, but maybe they’re busy licking the excess sauce from their fingers (*grabs a napkin to wipe my hands before typing again*). Twitter user @_OMG_BRANDON_ recently asked, “So @ChickfilA has cheese sauce now??? When does Texas get some…”  To which the company responded, “Thank you for asking! Cheese Sauce is an optional item on the Chick-fil-A menu. Its inclusion is a Restaurant-level decision made by the individual Operator.”

According to a representative for the brand, the sauce “was first offered on the menu at participating locations in 2012.” Although it appears it’s a test-run of a possible permanent offering, the menu addition has some fans turning up and speaking out for it to set up residency. Those looking for a condiment that can make a Chick-fil-A meal even better (is that possible?) can stop the hunt. Although the standard sauce is free, this cheesy new version that fans are raving about will cost a little more. Isn’t it worth it for the cheese perfection that this appears to be?