Chicken Fried Venison Steak: A Tasty Twist to a Texas Favorite

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Although in the state of Texas, we generally think of beef in our passion for chicken fried steak, there are other steaks we can use. One such recipe the avid hunter will love uses venison. It’s a well-known fact that chicken fried steak was invented in Texas. It’s a dish that we brag about loving, making, and enjoying at restaurants throughout the Lone Star State, but we’ve never really talked about incorporating other types of meat. This recipe does just that.

Shared by Texas Outdoor Digest, chicken fried venison steak unites fresh, wild game with the savory flour and seasoning we’ve come to know and love. It’s all fried into a delicious meal most worthy of the creamy gravy one tends to smother it with. The site shares the fact that, each year, Texas registers roughly 600K hunters in pursuit of white-tailed deer (many of whom frequent parts of the Texas Hill Country) from fall time through winter, depending on the nature of the season (bow or rifle) as well as the Managed Lands Deer Permit program on ranch properties. For those who’ve bagged and tagged their deer, cleaned and prepped their cuts, and have some venison steaks yet in their freezers, this is a great way to prepare them for a family dinner.


Chicken Fried Venison Steak: A Tasty Twist to a Texas Favorite

Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Venison cutlets




Beer (optional)

Texas Outdoor Digest includes a recipe for the “peppery gravy” they serve with their chicken fried venison steak. They also post the full ingredient listing and the step-by-step process for making this delicious meal. After cooking it once, they say you’ll question why it was you didn’t do this in the first place, and we’d have to agree! From the egg wash through the flouring, the frying and the gravy prep, they walk you through each part of the process like the true Texas cooks you’d imagine them to be. After all, a piece of wild game getting the chicken fried treatment is a testament to our hearty nature and appetites, and we’ve got both in spades.