Christmas Tree Shortage Might Impact Your Holiday Decorating

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When it comes time for you to head to the tree farm to choose your 2017 Christmas tree, you might find that the selection is a bit “slim pickins’.” There is a Christmas tree shortage in the country and it might affect selection and price at your tree lot. So, this might be the year that you settle for what’s available at your local lot or go the artificial tree route.

Recession of 2008 Impacting 2017’s Tree Crop

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According to the Charlotte Observer, the recession that began in 2008 is still affecting tree farms across the country. Because the demand for real Christmas trees was low at the time, farmers didn’t plant as many. Now those seeds have grown into fully-grown trees and there just aren’t as many to supply the demand.

Shortage Could Last Until 2025

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Because of the shortage, tree prices are expected to increase. According to a report from GWD Forestry, the shortage of popular-sized trees could last until 2025. They say droughts and wildfires are also adding to the shortages. So if you’re looking for a live tree, it’s better to look early before supply runs low.

5 Types of Christmas Trees Grown in Texas

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Photo: Facebook/ElginChristmasTreeFarm

According to the Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association, because of the hot summers and warm nights, there are a limited number of Christmas trees that can be grown in Texas. Here are five varieties that the Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association tell us commonly grow in Texas:

Virginia Pine

The most common Christmas tree in the south, Virginia Pine (Pinus Virginianan) is a short-needled pine with pleasant pine fragrance, dense foliage and strong limbs for those heavy ornaments you want to feature.

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