Which Texas Cities are Most Affordable for Minimum Wage Earners?

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For those earning minimum wage, parts of north and south Texas have been listed among the most affordable cities in Texas, according to a study completed by Walletwyse. Analyzing data on the economy, the website recently released a report which ranked Texas cities by their relative affordability. With respect to median-priced housing for those who earn minimum wage, it was a unique page-turner for where and how to live affordably in the Lone Star State.

Rio Grande City in south Texas and Vernon in north Texas were noted as being the most affordable to live in by all data markers. With respect to large metro areas, San Antonio was tops, followed by Houston, in a close race for being budget-friendly. Although a number of American cities and states have seen an increase to their minimum wage over the past year, cities in Texas have continued to keep $7.25 – the federal minimum set in 2009 – as their standard.

Which Texas Cities are Most Affordable for Minimum Wage Earners?

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Walletwyse considered housing as an integral component in their study, whereas Forbes released an article in 2018, by writer Andrew DePietro, which recognized other factors such as the average cost of necessities. With this as a factor, El Paso ranked number two (following Toledo, Ohio,) in terms of affordability for those earning minimum wage.