Civil Goat Coffee in Austin Will Really Get Your Goat

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At Civil Goat Coffee in Austin, people come for the shop’s high-quality coffee beans and stay for an extra shot of goat kisses. Wait…what? Yes, there is a pygmy goat (named Butters) who hangs out at Civil Goat Coffee. It’s a toss-up as to what brings more customers into the shop: The java or the kid.

Specializing in Small-Batch Coffee Roasting

Civil Goat Coffee

Photo: Facebook/Civil Goat Coffee Co.

Civil Goat Coffee specializes in small-batch coffee roasting, so your coffee is as fresh as it gets. The shop partners with sustainable farms across the planet and ships their sought-after coffee beans. Visit the company’s website to learn more about enjoying Civil Goat Coffee at home.

But Enough About the Coffee…Let’s Hear About Butters!

Civil Goat Coffee

Photo: Facebook/Civil Goat Coffee Co.

Butters is a real-life goat mascot, and he comes into the shop on his own free will to interact with customers. He was only five weeks old when he met Civil Goat Coffee shop owner Chris, and he now hangs out at the cafe making new friends with people and their dogs. Named after a South Park character, Butters is sometimes a little demanding for attention, at times nudging guests’ hands, biting on furniture, and eating houseplants that are meant for decoration.

Goats Are Having a Moment in Austin


Photo: Facebook/GOGA Goat Yoga

Civil Goat Coffee shop isn’t the only place in Austin that’s embracing goat culture these days. There are goats popping up all over town. Goga (Goat Yoga) has taken off in Austin. Goga classes are held regularly in downtown Austin and have proven to be widely popular. Yogis can perform yoga maneuvers while baby goats climb on them, give them kisses and potentially headbutt them at inopportune moments.

Pygmy goats make good companion animals. They are often affectionate, when treated with respect, and can bond with other species of animals as well. They are trainable (although it requires a bit of work) and goats, like Butters, who visit places of business, wear a diaper and a “onesie” to keep any goat by-products contained. To learn more about Civil Goat Coffee, visit their website or follow them on Facebook. To find out more about Goga (Goat Yoga) in Austin, follow them on Facebook.