Goat Yoga is for Real and it’s Happening Here in Austin

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Just when you thought you’d officially seen it all, Goat Yoga has arrived in…(where else?) Austin. According to the Goga Goat Yoga Facebook page, Goat Yoga is exactly what it sounds like. The Yoga portion is a traditional Vinyasa or Hatha class lasting 45 minutes to one hour. There is nothing traditional about the goat part, though. There are baby Nigerian Pygmy Dwarf goats walking, running, jumping, and kissing their way around your mat throughout your practice.

No Different From a Dog Walk to the Park

happy goat

Photo: Facebook/Goga Goat Yoga

According to the official Goat Yoga website, Goat Yoga it’s no different than taking your dog for a walk. You’re getting out in nature, bonding with an animal and getting exercise. It’s not healing diseases but it is providing a much-needed distraction from day to day stress, sickness, or depression and focusing on positive and happy vibes. It is so simple yet so special. If you’re tired of seeing all the negativity in the world, Goat Yoga offers adorable, friendly, and loving goats that wander around the class just hoping to get snuggled by a human.

Just Like Traditional Yoga…Now With More Goats!


Photo: Facebook/Goga Goat Yoga

So, what can you expect from a Goat Yoga class? In more ways than not, it’s just like your typical yoga class only there are adorable goats wandering around. A goat might sit on your mat, lick your face or even jump on your back when you’re in a tabletop pose.

Goats Make Everything Better

Goat Yoga

Photo: Facebook/Goga Goat Yoga

By and large, the goats mind their manners during Goat Yoga. They even wear special diapers and onesies so there aren’t any yoga accidents. The goats that attend Goat Yoga in Austin are all spoken for, but the owners have a waiting list of people who are interested in adopting goats in need of homes. To learn more about Austin’s new Goga Goat Yoga, follow them on Facebook.