Coca-Cola Purchases Trendy Mexican Mineral Water Topo Chico

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In the fizziest business merger of the month, Coca-Cola announced recently that they’re purchased the Topo Chico brand of sparkling water. Topo Chico mineral water is sourced and bottled in Monterrey, Mexico. The product has been bottled since 1895 and is sold in Northern Mexico and all of the United States.

A Hefty Price Tag

Topo Chico sunset

Photo: Facebook/Topo Chico USA

According to Forbes magazine,  Coke paid $220 million to Arca Continental, the second largest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America, which owns the rights to the Topo Chico brand. Manuel L. Barragan Morales, chairman of Arca International, said the move will “…further enhance its presence in the U.S., adding tremendous value to the country’s product portfolio.” Most likely, Coke’s ownership will transform Topo Chico into a brand that is available in far more places.

Hipster Mineral Water

Topo Chico coffee

Photo: Flickr/Tom Coates

Fans of Topo Chico describe the drink as less salty than Italian bottled water giant San Pellegrino, but it’s still flavorful enough to stand on its own, or with a spritz of lime juice. Some drinkers swear by it as a hangover cure.

The Mexican mineral water also has a major presence in restaurants and bars in Texas and regional pockets throughout the U.S. It’s a sought-after mixer thanks to its high carbonation and unique minerals. This has led to an almost unintentional phenomenon among the craft cocktail culture, especially in Austin.

Over 122 Years of Topo Chico

Topo Chico

Photo: Facebook/TopoChicoUSA

According to a spokesperson for Coca-Cola, Topo Chico brings a very rich history of over 122 years, and Coca-Cola will honor and respect that heritage. The two brands (Coca-Cola and Topo Chico) have a 90-plus-year connection. This link is both exciting and historically significant. Coca-Cola considers their job to be to retain and enhance this connection by making Topo Chico relevant to more people.

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