Colloidal Silver: Worth its Weight in Gold

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Colloidal silver is without a doubt one of the single-greatest natural antiviral agents on the face of the earth for your health.  It’s broad spectrum antibacterial qualities are indisputable. The size of the silver particles in water are the key to its ability to decimate a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Through an electrical process, silver is broken down into particles in purified water. Ionic silver is clear while true colloidal silver has a slight color to it if you can find it. Both products have valuable healing properties. Check with your trusted health food store or naturopathic/homeopathic doctor.

Colloidal Silver: Worth its Weight in Gold

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Clinical research, recently, has validated that colloidal silver has an enormous impact on modern medicine, with the historically ancient drug showing promise for AIDS, MRSA, Lyme disease, rotavirus, norovirus, different forms of the flu, and the rhinovirus, which is responsible for colds and viral pneumonia, as well as bronchitis. Many medical researchers and other experts are recommending that colloidal silver be used as a first-line defense against flu and other viral epidemics.


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The term “silver spoon in his mouth” originated during the plague days. The wealthy people ate on silver with silver utensils and never seemed to get sick. It was finally discovered that it was the silver that helped them resist the black plague. Today, many medical institutions even use a silver ointment coating on ventilators during intubation to reduce associated risks for pneumonia.

Colloidal Silver: Worth its Weight in Gold

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If you are seriously ill or have a sudden exposure to a serious illness, then two to twelve ounces a day can be ingested. For a more immediate response, swish it around in your mouth before swallowing. For lower intestinal digestive problems, take one teaspoon of colloidal silver with a glass of water and continue drinking water throughout the day. The silver is passed through the kidneys, bowels, and lymphatic system after a few weeks. Many hospitals use silver infused bandages for wounds, bed sores, and skin infections.

A skin discoloration from ingesting ionic silver, rather than colloidal silver, is called Argyria. The silver lodges in the skin and with sun exposure the skin turns gray or blue. This condition is irreversible so make sure you are using true colloidal silver instead of ionic silver, or be conservative with the ionic silver.

As always, be sure to consult your physician before using any natural remedies or before changing your healthcare regimen, especially if you are currently experiencing health problems or are taking any medication.