Company Offering $1K if You’ll Use a Flip Phone for a Week

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Frontier Bundles is offering those who feel they’re addicted to their smartphone a chance to become one grand richer. They’re searching for self-proclaimed smartphone addicts to take an unplugged break from their device, downgrade to a flip phone for a week, and earn $1,000.

The caveat in this offer from Frontier Bundles is that the selected individual will need to track their experience by logging the amount of time it takes to do simple tasks (such as checking emails and texting) on the flip phone, including the number of times they wish they could use Google. They also have to track the number of hours slept in the seven-day period, whether their level of productivity changed, and if there are any other changes made in their daily life that only having a flip phone could result in.

Company Offering $1K if You'll Use a Flip Phone for a Week

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In 2017, a study from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin reported that the mere presence of a smartphone reduces our brain power—even if it’s turned off. The study included close to 800 smartphone users and was the first of its kind to try and measure cognitive skills in the presence of a smartphone. The outcome was surprising. “It’s not that participants were distracted because they were getting notifications on their phones,” then McCombs Assistant Professor Adrian Ward told UT News. “The mere presence of their smartphone was enough to reduce their cognitive capacity.”

Company Offering $1K if You'll Use a Flip Phone for a Week

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As part of the offer by Frontier Bundles, participants will get a “survival kit,” which includes an actual map, a notepad and pen, and some CDs from the 1990s, along with the flip phone. If you’re interested in putting your skills to the test, you can apply by outlining in 200 words why you should be selected to give it a shot. Details are provided on the company website at the link available here, and applicants must be 18 years of age or older. You must also be a permanent resident or U.S. citizen. The lucky applicant will be named on July 8, 2019. If you’re able to cut the mustard, you might get $1,000 for being cognitively aware and capable, but at what cost?