Cowboy & Cowgirl Nurseries Are Country-Cool and Completely Doable

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Those expecting a precious bundle of joy in the new year can stop worrying and start appreciating this next concept: nurseries can be decked out country-style! If you’re raising up little cowboys and cowgirls, there’s no better way to get them ready for a good night’s rest or a great start to their day than in a bedroom that speaks to the lifestyle. From cribs to change tables, and bassinets to booties, you can get the look that’s so much more your style by shopping around some cool Texas digs.

1. Custom Name Décor

Cowboy & Cowgirl Nurseries Are Country-Cool and Completely Doable

Photo: Facebook/IdealPin

Welcoming your newborn home to the nest is a big step for families. Making the nursery their special room by getting a custom name sign and saying it in true cowboy or cowgirl style (the star as an added touch certainly doesn’t hurt) is brilliant. A rope nameplate with a wooden background would fit nicely over their crib, or on their door! As they grow from baby to toddler and even into their younger school years, a sign such as this can remain relevant and make them feel that nurseries like this are their very own.

2. Accent Pieces

Cowboy & Cowgirl Nurseries Are Country-Cool and Completely Doable

Photo: Facebook/Old South Design Co.

Accent pieces around the room can help to give weight to a decorating concept without overwhelming the child. It’s great to have a cowboy or cowgirl theme, but you wouldn’t necessarily deck the kid’s entire room in rawhide… or maybe you would, but to each their own. Accent pieces still allow for the ideas to flow without over-stimulating either yourself or the baby upon entry.

3. Personal or Family Pieces 

Cowboy & Cowgirl Nurseries Are Country-Cool and Completely Doable

Photo: Facebook/MP and KD Horn and Leather Shop via @bleacherbabies on Instagram

In this Facebook re-post from @bleacherbabies, MP and KD Horn and Leather Shop shared the personal details that one family has put into decorating their newborn’s cowboy/cowgirl nursery. “…Our families ranch brands on these custom plaques made by @kcs.farmhouse.finds adorns each side of a vintage photo of Cole’s grandpa, father and uncle hanging above Payson’s crib. I also added a painting of Cole winning the 9th round at the @lasvegasnfr and his @calgarystampede championship bronzed statue…” It’s thoughtfulness such as this that helps to encourage the enjoyment of nurseries for not only the baby but the whole family.

4. Cowboy/Cowgirl Must-Haves 

Cowboy & Cowgirl Nurseries Are Country-Cool and Completely Doable

Photo: Facebook/Brandalyn’s Paperie

Not every baby is lucky enough to have a beautiful mobile hanging overhead in their crib, but for those who do, one with a specific design to it (such as this cute western-style mobile) certainly goes a long way toward exposing the little one to wonderful and unique imagery. The subtle tones aren’t too overwhelming, and the design is decorative yet classic in style. Other such components that could be incorporated into the nursery are country-style bedding, stuffed animals, and toys.

5. A Cozy Place to Catch Some Zs 

Cowboy & Cowgirl Nurseries Are Country-Cool and Completely Doable

Photo: Facebook/Zach Clark

Using a modern-day crib design (because safety needs to be priority number one) this great country design has “cowboy” written all over it! The unique ranch-style gate/entrance décor for the placement of the baby’s name behind the crib is almost equaled in cuteness to the Holstein-type bedding and changing blanket. The stuffed horse is a nice touch as well! Cowboy and cowgirl nurseries can go a long way toward making baby and family feel that this new step in their lives is an extension of their existing lifestyle and not an overwhelming change. It’s country-cool, and it’s completely doable!