Family Spends $3.5K Decorating Their House With Christmas Minions

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Tony Maples Photography


In 2017, we’ve seen Astros-themed Christmas décor, an intense ode to Star Wars, and now, minion madness! A family in New Albany, Indiana are making headlines across the country for their yard that’s dedicated to those strange little yellow guys from “Despicable Me” that seem to pop up everywhere.

The Old Town Store posted a video of the minion Christmas display onto their Facebook page, and it’s reached over 7.8 million views. KHOU says that homeowner Michael Porteau and his family started a decorating war with their neighbors years ago, and they decided to step their game up with the minion display that took him two days to put up and cost $3,500. “You see kids outside on the sidewalk jumping up and down that just can’t believe it,” Pourteau told the news. “It’s almost real and they just love it. It’s worth every minute just to set them up for the kids to come out and see this. It’s amazing to them.”

In videos from the Old Town Store and WHAS11, one can see how special this display truly is. Though it may seem over the top and silly, the Christmas-y yard really comes alive with all of the mischievous minions that look almost animated by the wind. It’s no wonder that kids are absolutely mesmerized by the display!

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Posted by Old Town Store on Sunday, December 3, 2017