No Campfire Needed: Delicious S’mores Indoors

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S’mores are a delicious dessert and a fond campfire snack. The smell of that burning wood, the crackling of the flames, and then the first bite – the gooey mallow, creamy chocolate, and crispy cinnamon graham cracker. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Yum. But, it’s summer. It’s hot. Does a campfire at night when it is 85 degrees outside sound appealing? Humid? Mosquitos dive bombing at every chance they get? Pass. Regardless, the craving for s’mores is still there. Well, here are some fun ways to make those yummy, delectable treats without the trouble of the campfire and being on high alert to dodge diving mosquitoes.

Easy Sheet Pan S’mores

s'mores on a panPhoto: A Spicy Perspective

First up, Easy Sheet Pan S’mores by A Spicy Perspective. This quick and easy method for making the tasty campfire dessert is no fuss and is adaptable to feed the masses. For children to grown, hangry adults wanting a dessert after a nice meal from the grill, this recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

S’mores Bars

s'mores browniePhoto: AllRecipes

Up next, S’mores Bars as featured on AllRecipes are a tasty twist to the traditional campfire snack. It may be hot outside, but these can be served with ice cream to make this normally warm dish, a little colder, and a little bolder. Chill them for a nice snack on a warm afternoon. These are great for entertaining guest as they are playful and fun to display.

S’mores Casserole

s'mores casserolePhoto: Christy Jordan’s Southern Plate

Lastly, when there are too many chores to be done, and food still needing to be prepared for a get together or gathering, this S’mores Casserole from Christy Jordan’s Southern Plate, is a sure fire way to guarantee dessert without all the mess. It is a versatile pie style dish that makes a great dip, and can mixed and matched with other desserts for any special occasion.

Not enough ideas? Then check out this recipe.