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Put On Your Best Socks to Dine at Niki’s Tokyo Inn

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If you are looking to experience Japanese cuisine in an unhurried manner, consider Niki’s Tokyo Inn, located in San Antonio at 819 W Hildebrand Ave. There is not a street facing sign, look for a white building with parking in the back.

The Way in!

Photo: Honky Tonk Foodie

Upon entering through the rear of the building, a host will ask if you prefer western style seating or traditional Japanese (tatami). Try the traditional floor seating with low tables if you are able; back rests are available. Shoes will need to be removed. Décor is a bit dated but consistent with the theme. This meal experience is best with appetizers, drinks, and a full course. The menu is extensive and not completely translated. Stand out items included dumplings, which had a nice flavor and consistency. The egg drop soup had a light, velvety taste, without one flavor dominating another. The noodles were also deliciously made with substantial girth, and the sushi options are delightfully fresh and quite varied. Note, however, sushi is not served cold, per traditional Japanese cuisine. The shrimp sometimes comes with heads attached!

Loved the eel

Photo: Honky Tonk Foodie

The food was not quick to come out but service was consistently present. The atmosphere is low-key and pleasant, good for conversation. The child of the group received special attention and a post dinner treat!

A lot of options

Photo: Honky Tonk Foodie

Open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner only, Niki’s has been in San Antonio since the 1970s. Opinions of Niki’s range wildly; it is recommended to try for yourself to see if it suits your preferences. It is not typical of common western dining experiences so go there with an open mind. At the least, appreciate the longevity of an establishment which offers this type of dining in San Antonio. Rumor has it that Niki’s has a long standing place as a preferred spot for visiting Japan locals.