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Casey Donahew Leads Viral Support Campaign for School Supplies

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Texas teachers do a lot for their students, and now Texas musicians are stepping up to assist them. Casey Donahew is one of them. Donahew became involved with #ClearTheList, which is a charity campaign designed with school supplies in mind.

Helping educators to raise the funds necessary for the purchase of school supplies, the popular hashtag attached to the social media campaign has drawn some heavy hitters. On August 3, 2019, when Lori Wroblewski, a Texas teacher, tagged Donahew and a number of others in her social media share, we’re certain she was only hoping for the best. “You can help my students who come hungry, abused, and neglected. I get to be the best part of their day #clearthelist #texasteacher,” her post read. Donahue responded by ultimately “clearing” Wroblewski’s list.

Casey Donahew Leads Viral Support Campaign for School Supplies

Photo: Facebook/Casey Donahew

In turn, his act of random kindness opened the doors to more requests. More teachers reached out for help, and Donahew did his best to assist. On top of clearing the lists for at least 30 teachers, he sought assistance from his musical counterparts, including Kevin Fowler, Randy Rogers, Josh Abbott, William Clark Green, Wade Bowen, Stoney LaRue, and others. He also started a GoFundMe page with an original fundraising goal of $50,000 for school supplies. That goal has since been surpassed, and a new goal of $75,000 has been established. At last look (August 7, 2019,) the donations to date are close to $53K.

Donahew was born in Burleson, Texas. His latest country music release, entitled “One Light Town,” came out on July 26, 2019, marking his eighth album (two of which were self-released). He’s had six singles, seven videos, and his fans go all-in for his high-energy shows, with particularly long sets (who wouldn’t?). He’s an artist for Texas and for his fans. And now he’s an artist for Texas schools as well!