Dr Pepper vs. Coca-Cola: Which Soft Drink Tastes Better?

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Although popular opinion in Texas tends to sway toward a state-founded brand, the question needs to be asked with respect to which tastes better: Dr Pepper or Coca-Cola? The number of soft drink choices we have at our disposal is considerable. Despite the comings and goings of certain flavors and corporations, Dr Pepper and Coca-Cola have outlived many of their counterparts to become regular offerings in stores and restaurants throughout the U.S. Clearly, one has many copy-cats, while the other is so obviously unique in flavor. What is the foundation of their longevity? Is it good branding, or good taste, or a good mixture of both?

Dr Pepper vs. Coca-Cola: Which Soft Drink Tastes Better?

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Dr Pepper got its start in the heart of Texas, in Waco, to be exact. If you didn’t know that, then just how Texan are you? As such, it was originally named “Waco,” and the amazing museum in its honor is still located there. It was originally marketed as a brain tonic but found its niche at the soda fountain. Having its heyday from the 1920s through to the ’70s, the flavor has continued to draw fans back, whether they’re from Texas or not. Its taste has yet to truly be copied by anyone. It’s said that, to this day, there are only four people who know the secret ingredients and formula to Dr Pepper, the latter of which is kept locked within a bank vault. In 2018, Keurig purchased the brand.

Dr Pepper vs. Coca-Cola: Which Tastes Better?

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Unlike Dr Pepper, Coca-Cola has a global appeal to it. This could either be attributed to a more aggressive branding campaign, or because its taste really is something people everywhere enjoy. It got its beginnings in the state of Georgia, where fans can still learn many of its historical facts and details (except for its recipe) in Atlanta. The company’s commercials are known far and wide as being nostalgic for many, and collectors find their trademark memorabilia to be fascinating. Oddly enough, the soft drink started out being free! Asa Griggs Candler, a businessman, took over its marketing following its creator’s passing in 1888, and awareness of Coca-Cola began to rise. Sales representatives started by handing out coupons for a free serving, and after folks tried it, they came back for more at five cents per glass.

Dr Pepper vs. Coca-Cola: Which Tastes Better?

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All that being said, it doesn’t answer the question as to whether one or the other tastes better. Is it because of the fact it’s from Texas that Dr Pepper has continued in its popularity here in the Lone Star State, or is it because it just tastes that good? What of Coca-Cola? Do you prefer its acidity and sweetness? Is it as delicious as its sales figures would suggest? The popularity of these beverages on store shelves and in restaurants suggest that they’re the mainstays of the soft drink world, but here in Texas, whether one tastes better than the other could be grounds for a scrap!