You Can Now Drift Off to Dreamland Listening to Matthew McConaughey

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Those of you looking for a peaceful sleep, having tried every option available to you, may be excited about this next little tidbit. If you like bedtime stories and love the thought of having Matthew McConaughey read one to you, your ideal nighttime scenario can now happen. The Texas Hill Country heartthrob has teamed up with the Calm app, which promotes mindfulness, stress relief, and peaceful sleep. In terms of the latter, the award-winning actor has a “sleep story” in the app which is called “Wonder.”

Written by Chris Advansun, the story “Wonder,” as told by McConaughey, lasts for approximately a half-hour. It includes a prologue of roughly two minutes, featuring McConaughey asking the type of questions you might expect from a soul-soothing discussion with him, such as “How often do we really feel what’s happening within and around us?” The clip below is featured on the Calm YouTube channel, giving you just a tease of the material that awaits users:

The partnership between Calm, a population meditation app, and Matthew McConaughey was announced in November 2018. The possibility of having the Texas actor narrate a story that would put you to sleep isn’t out of the realm of conceivability. In fact, a quick YouTube search will show that millions of people have tuned in to hear the actor speak his words of wisdom for motivation and self-assurance – a relaxation speech is not a stretch for the man, who appears to be able to do no wrong! Subsequently, Calm is banking on his reputation as an actor, a philanthropist, and an inspiration for a bump in sales for the app. Calm offers users approximately 120 similar sleep stories which vary in style from soothing voices of late TV stars to fairy tales and even musical sleep stories. Some of its content is offered for free, however, for those that wish to access the full Calm library, a monthly fee of $12.99 is required after a free trial of 7 days.

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