Dutch Oven Cooking in Texas is a Delicious Art Form

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Shared on the Taste Life Facebook page, the video entitled “Dutch Oven Cooking in Texas” has been viewed more than 1 million times! Either y’all are into some crazy pre-camping planning, or you just truly love Dutch Ovens. We’re with you, whatever the reason!

Any Texas gathering that has delicious food is generally one at which you’ll find us! But a Dutch Oven Gathering (DOG for short, in the video below) has some of the best recipes you could ever imagine preparing in the great outdoors. As far as outdoor meals go, Texas is renowned for their skills over a bed of coals or a hot fire. Whichever way you prefer to prepare your camping meals or simply have a bunch of friends come over for a backyard gathering, this style and method of cooking and all it produces are amazing!

Video: Facebook/Taste Life

In May 2018, we shared a link to a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) video with respect to the same style and fashion of cooking. This time, doing more gourmet-type meals, the cook was able to prepare a peach cobbler that looked so good on the screen you could almost taste it! Peaches being the crop that they are in the Hill Country, you know that was one deliciously fresh dessert!

Doing a fantastic job of showcasing this style (practically an art form) of preparing meals on their social media, Taste Life has generated some enthusiasm from a crowd that clearly knows their campout cooking. For years, the cattle drives throughout the Lone Star State would have relied on this method for various meals, although it’s doubtful they were lucky enough to eat half of what we make in them today. The tradition continues at chuckwagon cookoffs held annually in Texas. But, not only that, people simply love to showcase their culinary expertise in the great outdoors, feeding their families some delicious Dutch oven cooking as opposed to basic hot dogs and hamburgers. Have a look and see what can be done, if you haven’t tried it before, this just might turn your head!