Easy-to-Make Cocktails for All Your Texas Summer Sipping Needs

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Summer in Texas is a time for unwinding. Winter was particularly harsh in parts of the state, and it seemed long and drawn-out this year for some reason. That being said, spring has come, and the hot Texas summer sun won’t be that far behind (officially), so if you’re looking for some easy-to-make cocktails to help soothe your spirit and get you into the swing of things, we’ve got the ultimate list right here!

1. Lavender Lemonade

Easy-to-Make Cocktails for all Your Texas Summer Sipping Needs

Photo: Facebook/The Idea Room

Now being served right here in the Texas Hill Country, Lavender Lemonade is a wonderful take on that most popular of summertime drinks. Simple and refreshing, the recipe for this easy-to-make cocktail is available at the link provided here, or you can stop in and have the makers at backYARD at Waller Creek do all the work for you!

2. Watermelon-Champagne Cocktail

Easy-to-Make Cocktails for all Your Texas Summer Sipping Needs

Photo: Facebook/Homes To Love

If you love watermelon (and who doesn’t?), this cocktail has a great way of combining this summer fruit favorite with a cake-type flavor (thanks to the vanilla-infused vodka also used in the drink). Easy-to-make, and completely delicious, a link to the recipe is available here.

3. Tequila Sangria

Easy-to-Make Cocktails for all Your Texas Summer Sipping Needs

Photo: Facebook/Real Housemoms

This wonderfully Texas take on a summer sangria takes its tempo from tequila as opposed to brandy. If you follow the easy-to-make directions, step by step, it’ll result in a delicious fruity, juice-filled cocktail that combines the freshness of summer with a zing! The makers suggest topping it with Spanish red wine for the perfect look and taste! A link to the recipe is available here.

4. Sip That Summer Spicy

Easy-to-Make Cocktails for all Your Texas Summer Sipping Needs

Photo: Facebook/Drink Of The Day

Those who look for unique margaritas in order to get their summertime chill-on need look no further than the Sip That Summer Spicy. Created and served in Austin and coming ahead of the Hatch Chile season (typically August), this easy-to-make margarita incorporates a wonderfully hot twist into a Texas drink classic. Concocted from Herradura Tequila, Ancho Reyes Verde, lime, agave and hatch chiles, the link for the recipe is available here, or you can sip your cares away with this spicy drink-in-hand in Austin, in the Texas Hill Country.

5. Strawberry Daiquiri

Easy-to-Make Cocktails for all Your Texas Summer Sipping Needs

Photo: Facebook/Kelvin Slush Co.

At one point or another, a daiquiri (of any flavor) generally comes to mind when you think of summer cocktails, and this easy-to-make strawberry daiquiri combines the best of both worlds – our need for a great drink and our love of this delicious and healthy summer fruit. Cool and refreshing, this fruity conglomeration isn’t hard to prepare, and the recipe link for this tasty and tempting cocktail is available here.