This Egg Apron is an Eggsellent Idea With Your Name On It

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With the ability to hold up to 19 eggs, a crocheted egg apron found its way onto Facebook through the Unilad page, and its popularity has become quite impressive. Those who keep chickens and head out to the coop daily to harvest eggs will appreciate the concept, knowing how hard it is to keep from dropping an egg or two in the process. This unique product, in particular, was designed and crocheted by Ashlea Konecny, and Unilad shares her weblink for purchase. You can either order an apron itself, or get the pattern to make one of your own.

Konecny had a conversation with a friend who had a need. She found a unique way to fill that need using her own craft skills, and apparently her friend wasn’t the only one interested! In a two-week span on Unilad’s Facebook page, the video showing the homemade egg apron has garnered 11 million views, 49 thousand reactions, and over 44K in shares.

Video: Facebook/UNILAD

Konecny’s website, Heart Hook Home, features crochet tutorials and patterns, along with the various products she’s made. The Facebook page also shares fantastic imagery and links to projects she’s created for family and friends, which can be easily copied by readers and followers with a knack for the same art. Although a quick Google search will call up a number of results under the “egg apron” category, her design and the finished product speak for themselves in the video above. The ability to transport the eggs safely from the chicken coop to the house is one that many wish they had, and now they can!

Folks like Trisha Ruiz, whose husband designed and built her a unique Whatacoop, can now have the ultimate in Texas chicken farming accessories with Konecny’s egg apron design. This could definitely egg-celerate your daily collecting chore! And you won’t be eggshauted when it’s all said-and-done… No? Too much? We were cracking up…