Rural Texan Kills Two Birds With One Stone With Unique Whatacoop

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Texans’ love for Whataburger comes shining through in many ways, but none quite as unique as Trisha Ruiz’s. When her husband wanted her to make the move out into the country, she told him that she had no intention of moving unless she could make the drive to Whataburger in 10 minutes or less. Well, she got her wish!

Ruiz had thrown in the caveat that she had to be able to have chickens on their rural property. Her husband killed two birds with one stone (pardon the pun) and built her nothing less than a Whatacoop – her very own chicken coop designed to look like a Whataburger.

Shared on the Whataburger YouTube channel, the video above shows the loving care with which Ruiz’s husband designed and constructed the Whatacoop. It also shows the admiration they have for their hens! “We got them all Whataburger outfits,” she explained to “Our chickens are pets. We love our chickens. We don’t eat them. We just play with them.” Now Trisha calls herself the “Krazy Funky Chicken Lady,” playing “mom” to over a dozen of them at her Fort Worth home. The Whatacoop is visible from the street, and the neighbors have been stopping, taking pictures, and expressing their love for her fast-food-inspired chicken domicile. Despite the fact they don’t eat them (Ruiz herself says she’s not much of an egg fan either), they’ve given their flock some unique, food-focused names including Mashed Potato, Tater Tot, and Meatloaf. Other monikers, however, are cute and something you’d expect for a bird that was intended to make an appearance in your backyard as opposed to your dinner plate. Bluebell, Moo, Frankie, Fiona, and The Boss will keep Ruiz and her Whatacoop busy for some time to come!