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Elon Musk Tweets First Image of ‘Starship’ Prototype Underway in Texas

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According to recent reports, CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, has stated that his company is constructing a rocket prototype in Texas which is said to be massive. On Monday, December 24, the billionaire revealed that the private space transport services and aerospace manufacturing business had a preliminary model underway. The company has effectively managed at least 20 launches this past year. Calling this prototype “Starship,” Musk tweeted an  image earlier this week of the rocket said to be under development just outside of Brownsville.

According to CNET, the SpaceX rocket was previously known as “Big Falcon Rocket” (BFR). Its purpose is said to be that of shuttling people to Mars, around the moon, and for international flights via space, which will reportedly be extremely fast. In his tweet on the project, Elon Musk wrote: “I will do a full technical presentation of Starship after the test vehicle we’re building in Texas flies, so hopefully March/April.”

To provide readers with a visual of Starship’s scale, the photo that Elon Musk tweeted has the prototype next to a couple of pickup trucks. In a previous report by CNET, it was revealed that SpaceX had announced Starship would be more powerful and much larger than Saturn V, which was the rocket which carried Apollo astronauts on their voyage to the moon. This prototype is said to have a cargo capacity of 100 passengers (traveling to Mars) or up to 100 tons, is scheduled for launch testing in 2019, and will come at a cost to the company of $5 billion.