Family Road Trip Adventure to Waco Surf Park Becomes One for the Books

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Thanks to our friends at Chevrolet, our company’s owner and his family were invited to take an epic water park tour this summer! Barefoot Ski Ranch (BSR) – the one that brought you the Royal Flush water slide – has raised the bar on outdoor fun here in Texas with its inland surfing and watersports facilities! The BSR Cable Park and surrounding property near Waco is now a surf resort featuring a two-acre lake. This summer, our friends at Chevrolet sent Mitch and Meg, along with their kids, on an awesome road trip to this exciting water park.

Including the infamous Royal Flush, this surf resort’s waves on the amazing man-made lake are powered by American Wave Machines Inc. It creates the definitive surfing wave for families or sports enthusiasts to Hang Ten. The park brought the ocean (in effect) to central Texas, so Chevrolet brought Mitch and Meg to the park in a brand new 2018 Tahoe, complete with all the bells and whistles! Their Waco road trip was a family vacation adventure designed specifically for this family, with their children ranging in age from 5 years to teenager – and we all know how hard it is to please a Texas teenager on a family road trip!

Family Vacation Adventure to Waco Surf Park Becomes One for the Books

Photo: Chevrolet

The comfort and space that the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe afforded the family allowed them to not only test the waters at Waco Surf Park, but also test the ride, complete with technology that supported their growing family’s needs. Its 4G LTE Wi-Fi feature allowed them to stay connected on the road as well as stream movies for the kids along the way (it allows for seven devices to be connected at once!). And, if you thought power would be an issue, not a chance. With seven USB ports, a 110-volt three-prong outlet, and an available wireless charging station, there was no need for the family to worry about connectivity.

Family Vacation Adventure to Waco Surf Park Becomes One for the Books
Photo: Facebook/Chevy Tahoe / Suburban

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