Epic Surf Park is the Wave of the Future: Ride it Deep in the Heart of Texas

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Tony Maples Photography


Barefoot Ski Ranch (BSR) brought you the Royal Flush water slide (see more at the link provided here), and now they’re offering up something even cooler. You’ll want to check out what’s been described as “…one of the largest inland surfing and watersports facilities in the country at BSR Cable Park and Resort near Waco, Texas.” The surf resort includes the infamous Royal Flush as well as a Cable Park and now a two-acre surf lake, with waves powered by American Wave Machines Inc.

If you’re unsure of what all of this means, simply check out their website for a great bird’s-eye view of their facilities, including cabins for rent, an operating ranch on which you can relax and see local wildlife, and water features that are really beyond compare. Incorporating PerfectSwell® Infinite Ocean™ designs and technology that generates the ultimate in surfing waves, anywhere else this concept might seem ridiculous, but not in the Lone Star State. If you can’t get to the ocean, we’ll bring the ocean to you – and we’re going to do it in style!

Shared on the YouTube channel, this video gives you just enough of a glimpse of what can be achieved in Waco. The opportunity to catch a wave, enjoy some Texas spring and summer sun, and never have to leave the heart of Texas is knocking at your door! The concept is a great one, and the technology behind the wave pool has been heavily researched by the BSR. If you want to learn more, their website notes: “One of the top water facilities in the country, BSR Cable Park and Resort sits on a beautiful 500-acre high game fenced ranch near Waco, Texas. Ranked America’s number 1 cable park, the facility offers 3500 feet of uninterrupted water, the world’s longest lazy river and the BSR Super Slide, Royal Flush. The facility includes a clubhouse with a multi-story deck open year round for private events, all in a beautiful setting.”