Famous Singer Stops at Buc-ee’s Before Texas Concert

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As any Texan knows, a stop at Buc-ee’s on any road trip is a must. And, although she’s not Texan, Pink (who hails from Pennsylvania) gets it. Prior to her performance at San Antonio’s AT&T Center, the superstar did her part to keep the tradition alive by taking her family to the famed Lone Star State travel stop.

The convenience store chain, which has long been a fixture along Texas interstates, has recently expanded into Alabama. This marks the first time since its inception in 1982 that the store has begun business in any other state. But is it any wonder the chain is becoming so popular? Known for its well lit, clean facilities, not to mention the enormous variety of products and services they offer, Buc-ee’s has found its way into the pop culture as well as the hearts of Texans.

It’s no surprise then that Pink would also be just a bit curious. Her family is a top priority to the singer, and she expresses her care and concern for them on mainstream and social media. Ensuring that they too enjoy the experiences that are available to them as a group while she happens to be on the road working is a part of that. Is Buc-ee’s an “experience?” We can’t exactly say, but from the size of its following and ever-growing fan base, it certainly has everything people are looking for in a roadside stop.

Famous Singers Stop at Buc-ee's Before Texas Concert

Photo: Instagram/pink

The entertainer posted images to her Instagram regarding the family’s stop at Buc-ee’s prior to her Hill Country performance. The post caption reads: “Truck stops in Texas. Don’t ask, just do it.” Those who were lucky enough to be in the store when they made their appearance might have been unaware that this was even happening – or that it was a possibility a star of her magnitude would even make it a point to stop there. Dressed in pajamas and doing the typical travel center things, they did their best to fit right in!