Another Person Fell to Their Death at the Grand Canyon

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After snapping a photo to share with her friends on Instagram, a woman from Florida fell to her death at the Grand Canyon National Park. ABC 13 reports that 35-year-old Colleen Burns dropped 400 feet from Ooh Aah Point when she accidentally stepped off the side of a cliff.

In the photo she posted so shortly before her death, Burns wrote a caption where she remarked on the beautiful view. She had spent the day with family enjoying the Grand Canyon.

Another man passed away at the Grand Canyon this month. The 23-year old fell over the edge and plummeted 100s of feet from Mather Point.

Also recently, a man fell off of Machu Picchu while actively posing for a photo. The 51-year-old German tourist fell 130 feet after backing off of a ledge. The Washington Post reported that a witness said, “The man came over to take the photo and in the moment he was handing him the camera, he lost his balance and fell.”

It’s tragic that several falling deaths have occurred his month at such beautiful sightseeing spots. These locations normally bring only joy to those who visit them, but for family members, they will serve as a painful reminder of a life lost.