Foodie or Not Foodie: Tasty Questions in a Recent Food Survey

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In a recent study completed by a company called Porch and published on the Food Fight website, it’s been found that regardless of generation, 43.5 percent of people self-identify as “foodies.” That translates into every four out of 10 people. And (almost not surprisingly), approximately that same number, 46.4 percent to be exact, have noted having stronger feelings about food than they do politics.

Porch surveyed more than 1,000 people regarding their food opinions and preferences right down to some very simple questions including, “Is it okay to put pineapple on pizza? Is a hot dog a sandwich?” Here are some of their more notable findings:

  • 37 percent of people surveyed have stronger opinions about pizza than they do climate change.
  • 69 percent of those surveyed say that ranch dressing on pizza is acceptable.
  • More ‘foodies’ put ketchup on their eggs than non-foodies.
  • Four percent of those polled pour their milk before they put their cereal in the bowl.
Foodie or Not Foodie: That’s Not Really All of the Questions in a Recent Food Survey

Photo: Instagram/rjberge_photography

Statistics like this may seem random and obscure to some, but to the food and service industries, it can mean plenty in terms of preferences and subsequently service provision or improvement. As an example, here in Texas we love steak (well, most of us do). The standard debate at the dinner table, which can sometimes cause a problem for the one cooking the meal, is how well the steak needs to be cooked. In this study, the vast majority (at 30.3 percent) identified preferring medium-rare. Only the tiniest percentage (at 6.1) identified wanting their steak done rare. Therefore, we can safely say that a cow doesn’t have to worry that the average consumer will be looking to shorten their lives any quicker with the basic jabbing of a fork.

Foodie or Not Foodie: That’s Not Really All of the Questions in a Recent Food Survey
Photo: Instagram/bakesalotlady

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