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Fort Worth River Boat Tours Will Soon Take Place on the Trinity River

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Although boat tours might not be the first thing on your mind when you think of Texas, it turns out that it’s a breathtaking way to experience some parts of the Lone Star State. There are some fantastic places to tour by boat to find the natural beauty and even the history of Texas, which you wouldn’t otherwise see. Thankfully, soon enough that will include landlocked Fort Worth. A boat tour company out of Waco was recently granted a license to operate on the Trinity River. As a result, starting in mid-July, you can take a cruise to and from Panther Island Pavilion north of the city.

Waco River Safari has been operating Brazos River cruises for approximately two years, and now intends to offer a similar service in Fort Worth. Shanna Cate is the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) Director of Programming and Development. She has stated that boat tours are another great way for locals and visitors alike to enjoy the Trinity River. “We’ve heard so many requests from people who want to be on the water for a leisurely activity with no swimsuit or paddle required. This will be a perfect complement to our other river activities,” she explained to

Fort Worth River Boat Tours Will Soon Take Place on the Trinity River

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The tours will commence with a 30-foot pontoon boat, able to accommodate up to 20 guests. Tour options will include a one-hour family tour, a sunset tour of approximately two hours, and a night tour for one hour. Each one will give an informative and historic perspective about the city while visitors get a glimpse of the Fort Worth area from a different perspective. Representatives of Visit Fort Worth, as well as the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, are incredibly positive about this latest attraction. In the meantime, goals for capacity are planned for 10 tours each day over the weekends, at very reasonable rates. Tours consisting of an hour in length will cost $15 for adults, $9 for kids, and $3 for toddlers. Ticket prices for those who opt for a two-hour cruise at sunset are set at $39, with the optional addition of a meal. These will also be B.Y.O.B. Those looking to book private cruise parties will also have that option.