Subliminal Message Hidden In Fredericksburg Street Signs?

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Fredericksburg has long been a center for trade and a crossroads for visitors, sitting along the old Pinta Trail and a route for wagons going to the Gold Rush in 1850.  One look at the map will show you that in Gillespie County, all roads lead to Fredericksburg.  Yet there is a hidden message in the street signs.  Find out what Fredericksburg’s Mayor has to say about these signs.

Start at the courthouse.

Subliminal Message Hidden In Fredericksburg Street Signs?

Photo: Robert C Deming

Leaving Fredericksburg to the west on Main Street (US Hwy 290), you will find the streets are in this order: Crockett, Orange, Milam, Edison, Bowie, Acorn, Cherry, and Kay.

Turn around and go east from the Courthouse

Subliminal Message Hidden In Fredericksburg Street Signs?

Photo:Robert C Deming

Heading down Main Street going east toward Austin you will find the following street names: Adams, Llano, Lincoln, Washington, Elk, Lee, Columbus, Olive, Mesquite, and Eagle.

Is this a secret plot?

Subliminal Message Hidden In Fredericksburg Street Signs?

Photo: Fredericksburg 50th Anniversary Celebration/Wikimedia Commons

According to Fredericksburg Mayor Linda Langerhans, the streets were renamed several times; the original North-South streets had Latin names, then were numbered 1 through 12, Llano Street (which becomes Hwy 16 North to Llano) was where Travis is now, and Main Street was called San Saba. After the city incorporated in 1933, the streets were renamed to spell out ALL WELCOME and COME BACK.  A history buff, Linda has a tourism brochure from 1928 titled “Come to Stay, Come to Play.”  Yes, Fredericksburg has been a welcoming destination from its very start.  The City Commissioners who instituted this clever naming plan were Willie Pape and Max T. Henke.  And the Mayor?  Linda’s grandfather, Eddie Krauskopf.

Have you taken a tour of Fredericksburg? It’s the perfect destination for any Lone Star State road trip.