Relax and Refresh on an Epic Ladies’ Weekend in Fredericksburg

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Both inside and outside of the household, women are hard workers. They have a tendency to be the caregivers of the family as well as organizers and the ones who do all of the scheduling, and that’s on top of their full-time jobs! It’s important for ladies to take time away for themselves for self-care and to reconnect with friends – and there’s no reason that shouldn’t include some fun in Fredericksburg!

An epic ladies’ weekend in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, including transportation, gorgeous accommodations, shopping, laughs, (and perhaps a little bit of wine at Grape Creek Vineyards), is what the doctor ordered! Time with your girlfriends is taken quite seriously – right up until the moment we get on the bus departing from home. Then it’s off with the title of “Co-worker,” “Mom,” “Wife,” or what-have-you, and on with the comfy shoes and laughter.

Relax and Refresh on an Epic Ladies’ Weekend in Fredericksburg

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A coordinated bus tour into Fredericksburg can take the tension off from the moment you hop onboard. Getting the girls together for a great time isn’t always easy, and placing the burden of driving on the shoulders of one of your fellow (…’er lady) trip-takers can dull the experience for her. Having the gang get together and be chauffeured to and from their destinations in the safety and comfort of a luxury coach makes perfect sense! Not only that, but the driver often knows of great stops you weren’t aware of, hot spots for shopping deals, all the best vineyards to tour, and amazing Texas Hill Country restaurants to dine in.

Relax and Refresh on an Epic Ladies’ Weekend in Fredericksburg

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While you’re planning this time away (because let’s face it…a man’s not going to plan this for you), you’ll want to consider some prime places for rest and repose between belly-laughs and shopping ’til you drop. That being said, Fredericksburg is synonymous with wonderful bed and breakfast accommodations, such as Magnolia House, that take a weekend trip to next-level indulgence. Ladies: If you’re looking to get away from it all in fine style but not break the bank, this town has everything you’ll need to stay, eat, and play. It’s sure to have you coming back for more! Yes, there are all the standard motels to be had, but wouldn’t you rather live it up in style? A bed and breakfast or an inn can suit your group splendidly, leaving no attention to detail unheeded. Imagine waking up refreshed at Barons CreekSide in a comfortable bed and not having your 5-year-old’s feet wedged against your shoulder and the dog on your pillow! Enviable? Indeed. Unachievable? Heavens no! When planning your stay, visit the link provided here for great Fredericksburg accommodation options.

Relax and Refresh on an Epic Ladies’ Weekend in Fredericksburg
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