George Strait’s Secret Hangover Cure: From the King’s Lips to Your Ears

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If you’re like many who rang in this past New Year’s Eve with an alcoholic beverage or two (or three, maybe four…) you’ll remember the feeling that comes shortly after overindulging. The infamous hangover is the bane of experiencing the effervescent highs the night before as you toasted your cares away with anything boozy. No one is immune to it, but take heart. Those who have been there before you have chosen to share their experience in finding a hangover cure. Even the King of Country himself, George Strait, has been known to imbibe and then need some relief. And, as it turns out, he shared his words of wisdom while doing a promotion of his Código Tequila.

George Strait's Secret Hangover Cure: From the King’s Lips to Your Ears

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Menudo. That’s right. George Strait, the Texas singing sensation and right honorable King of Country Music, has found that Mexican cuisine can not only be delicious but also works as a hangover cure. The Daily Beast caught up with Strait in an interview that took place in 2016 (here we are, years later, just finding this out now?!) in which he recommended Menudo to help take away the pain of a hangover. “It’s tripe soup. It’s very, very tasty,” he explained to “When I happen to have the occasional hangover, which I try not to, if I can get Menudo, that’s what I get.”

George Strait's Secret Hangover Cure: From the King’s Lips to Your Ears

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As you might have guessed, Strait said that he tends not to overindulge in alcohol. It stands to reason that all of his hard work and success have a strong bond, and drinking to excess wouldn’t allow for the great balance he works to achieve in his life, with his family, or in his industry. But, on the very rare occasion that it’s happened, you now know his secret to bouncing back from that horrendous feeling. For those of you who don’t necessarily feel like cooking the day after drinking in excess (two enthusiastic hands up right here…), you can find Menudo in a number of Mexican restaurants throughout Texas. But, if you’re lacking the motivation to make yourself appear recognizable in public (again, both hands up in the air, waving like I just don’t care), or perhaps there isn’t authentic Mexican cuisine readily available in your area, you can find a great recipe for it here.