Get With Your Girls to Plan a February Food & Movie Fest, Pronto

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If you’re stumped for how to make February a fun-worthy month, might we suggest some movie time with your gal pals? What better way to warm up a grey winter day or night in Texas than with a food fest, maybe a mug of hot chocolate (spiked, perhaps), and sharing a fun film with some of your best lady friends? Just in case you’re doubtful, Southern Living recently reported that taking time out to spend with your girlfriends has the possible benefits of improving both your mental and physical health! We thought it was sheer brilliance actually, and now there’s proof.

Get With Your Girls to Plan a February Food & Movie Fest, Pronto

Photo: Facebook/Bridesmaids

If you’re wondering where to hold a movie day or night your friends will be looking forward to, you might consider catching a flick at a local theater, finding a favorite on Netflix, or renting from iTunes or your satellite service provider. Inviting everyone to your home doesn’t sound like such a bad idea does it? Who wants to go outside in this weird winter weather we’ve been having anyway? If your girlfriends are up for a brunch screening (mimosas, anyone?) then the ever popular “Bridesmaids” might be a great flick to cackle to, hang out while you’re watching, and just have fun. You can score your copy, plan some great brunch appetizers, and get your girl-fest going in style.

Get With Your Girls to Plan a February Food & Movie Fest, Pronto

Photo: Facebook/Roman Holiday

If classics are more your cup of tea, “Roman Holiday” is a great romantic comedy to watch while you share a coffee, afternoon snacks, and some time with your lady friends. Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar for her performance as a sheltered princess who falls madly in love with an American journalist played by Gregory Peck. You could cap the girl time with a menu of classic pizza, chips and dip, and root beer floats that will keep everyone satisfied as they swoon over the dreamy styles of the day in this 1953 film.

Get With Your Girls to Plan a February Food & Movie Fest, Pronto

Photo: Facebook/Isn’t It Romantic

If you’re looking for some serious nighttime fun, a trip to a local theater might still be in order. It’s time to dress up, do your hair, and make sure your guest list knows where to meet up for a screening of something popular like “Isn’t It Romantic,” starring Rebel Wilson. Appearing at a number of cinemas across the state, this movie takes on rom-com clichés like nobody’s business! After a subway mugging incident, Wilson’s character Natalie wakes up to find her life has been turned into a version of the very genre she hates – a romantic comedy – complete with a sweet apartment, a gay partner in crime, and a zesty little number for a love interest (hello, Liam Hemsworth!).

Pair this with some drinks at your favorite locale, a dinner that’s to die for, and maybe some unadulterated bargain hunting, and you’ve got yourselves the makings of a great girl night for some February fun. Get rid of the winter doldrums, text your ladies, and do up a movie day or night for some downtime that will keep you laughing until the credits roll!