Glitter Bomb Trap Developed for Would-Be Porch Pirates

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In August of this year, we reported on the new Texas law going into effect on September 1, 2019, making it a felony to steal packages from front porches. Up until this point, there were simply reports from homeowners saying that their mail was stolen, and at the very most, some embarrassment for those involved on social media when/if there was a video or images captured during the incident. Well, Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer and self-described “friend of science,” has developed a high-tech glitter bomb trap for these thieves, otherwise known as “porch pirates.” With the help of Macauley Culkin (yes, you read that right), some friends he’s named in the video post below, and some biodegradable glitter, he’s managed to garner the interest of more than 18 million viewers.

Something that has increasingly become an online share, the act of stealing packages or deliveries from people’s porches has grown steadily. It’s not just an issue in Texas, but throughout the world. With the increase of online shopping, home shipping, and delivery, and the daily work schedules that we all maintain, access to goods that are shipped to homes by porch pirates has become an issue. In a interview with a Fort Worth homeowner who was the victim of such an incident, the homeowner shared, “I work on a special-needs campus and spend a good amount of money making sure they have the supplies they need. So this year we started off with less than we had hoped but we will replace it at some point.” Ashleigh Powell, the homeowner in question, said that the package that was stolen from her front porch contained school supplies she had ordered for her students. She also said her neighborhood had appeared to be a target for porch pirates quite frequently, and that she had other packages go missing similarly in the past. The type of gadget that Rober and his counterparts developed would not only monitor the entire theft, but also send out GPS details on where the package ends up, aside from the added bonus of exploding with glitter.

Video: YouTube/Mark Rober

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