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Eat Gourmet Food at a Surprising Location: These Texas Gas Stations

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It appears that a travel pit stop in Texas has been elevated to an art form. Would you expect anything less from the state that does everything big? Take a look at the Buc-ee’s establishments across our state and tell us you haven’t enjoyed a food experience that far surpasses that at any other out-of-state travel plaza! Although a gas station may be the last place you would expect to enjoy gourmet food like roast duck or ceviche, it seems the Lone Star State gourmet gas station is a thing, and people are taking advantage!

Nowhere else do you hear more about epic road trips than in the state of Texas. We pride ourselves on our extensive highway system and our ability to complete drives from tip to tail and one side to the other, which are practically cathartic in nature. On top of that, we incorporate meals as a part of the planning process that have probably been on our bucket list for years and are just waiting for the moment they’re stumbled upon in the most random of places. With close to 14K gas stations throughout Texas, you’re likely to find more than a handful in your travels that feature dining experiences beyond your expectations. Seriously.

Eat Gourmet Food at a Surprising Location: These Texas Gas Stations

Photo: Facebook/Chef Point Bar & Restaurant

One such example is that of Chef Point, which is found at a Conoco gas station and convenience store in a Fort Worth suburb. This restaurant and bar was featured on our pages in February 2018 for their outstanding efforts under the category of comfort food. This Watauga restaurant is owned by Paula Merrell Nwaeze and her husband. It’s been pleasing customers since 2003 with such menu items as steaks and pork chops, so much so that the restaurant clientele forced the closure and removal of the gas pumps and convenience store! Try this amazing gourmet food ASAP.

Eat Gourmet Food at a Surprising Location: These Texas Gas Stations

Photo: Facebook/Momostop

Another shining dining example of a similar fashion is that of Momo Stop in Dallas, selling Nepalese food in a Texaco gas station. Nikesh Shrestha opened the restaurant in 2017 and it’s now recognized as one of the best places for momos and many other similar delicacies in its North Texas locale. Likewise, High Country Market Bistro & GastroPub opened in an Exxon station in Round Rock in 2013. Owner, Zahir Walji, was eventually forced to close the convenience store when the restaurant became so popular it was the main attraction. Although, establishing a restaurant in a gas station isn’t unique to our state, it appears to have developed its own niche. Our food offerings have improved, diversified, and taken on real traction of their own – in some instances, surpassing the fuel and convenience options. And, in an economy which has seen the number of gas stations across the U.S. decline, the largest growth in this industry in the last decade has occurred in food service, most notably in Texas.