Not Your Granny’s Sweet Tea: This Drink is Something Even Better

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Spring and summer days in Texas were made for a sweet, refreshing tea. However, for those who have a love of this drink but also a love of something with a little kick, there are actually delicious, thirst-quenching tea cocktails in existence. They’ll answer the age-old question of why Granny had a secret stash in the back of the bottom left kitchen cabinet (guess it wasn’t so secret after all!). And the Backyard Tea Cocktail is one of the best!

The Backyard Tea Cocktail is like something your grandmother might have invented when her friends were coming over for an afternoon visit but neglected to tell your grandfather and his buddies, who were likely hanging out in the garage. It’s a sipper, and one that’s sure to please. It’s also quite refreshing and reminiscent of summer days on the porch. A nice little number generated by mixing rum, tea, and lemonade, the ratios are just-so, meaning that the drinker can clearly define what’s in their drink yet still appreciate the pleasant blend as it slides across the tongue. It may cool you off; it may heat you up; it’s bound to get you scouring the internet for cocktail recipes you’ve yet to try. But for just a little while, it will also punctuate an afternoon break in the backyard with its mellow and subtle sensation. There’s no harm in drinking something a little more grown-up than originally intended. Tea was made for porch sitting and sipping. This just has a little bit of a zing to it which can easily be that much better with freshly made lemonade! How completely Texan is this drink?


Not Your Granny’s Sweet Tea: This Drink is Something Even Better

Key ingredients for this recipe include:


Iced Tea


Liquor.com has the exact mixology posted on its website for those who are interested in making the Backyard Tea Cocktail. Once you’ve tasted it, you’re likely to invest in some rum to tuck away for not only rainy days but sunny as well! The drink is as refreshing for one as it is for a whole group. Don’t doubt its abilities as a crowd-pleaser. Those wishing to get fancy with their drink can look to old family recipes for their tea – perhaps sweetened with honey and gussied up with a little fresh ginger – but on its own, this drink can satisfy. One might even go as far as suggesting the Backyard Tea Cocktail is truly a southern classic, but then you could spend hours on your porch, sipping it in earnest, debating the qualities that make it so. Doesn’t sound like it’s all that bad now, does it?