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Group of UT Athletes Demand ‘The Eyes of Texas’ Song be Replaced

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A group of UT black athletes are demanding that the university drop “The Eyes of Texas” as the school song and rename a number of school buildings. Following the demands, the interim University of Texas President has reported that he is scheduling meetings with various student groups. These groups also seek the removal of statues they claim have ties to racism, in a letter that outlined such demands and was posted to social media.

UT Athletic Director Chris Del Conte responded to the social media post with a Tweet saying that he is willing to have meaningful conversations with the students who have expressed their concerns. The athletes presently remain steadfast in their demands, despite the fact that a number of fans have voiced their distaste for this move on social media.

Group of UT Athletes Demand ‘The Eyes of Texas’ Song be Replaced

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This move by the group of Longhorns athletes is new to the University of Texas but not new to the state or the nation as a whole. Following the death of George Floyd in May of this year, various protests have developed across the U.S. Just this past week, the statue of Lawrence Sullivan Ross (or “Sully,”) was covered with a tarp due to the fact that students had requested its removal, having put forth a petition. The statue was also the target of red graffiti.

Group of UT Athletes Demand ‘The Eyes of Texas’ Song be Replaced

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Jay Hartzell has been the Interim President at the University of Texas beginning just this month. He has stated that he’ll be making efforts to meet with student athletes, student organizations, and members of the general student body over the course of the summer to work together and address the issues. In addition to their request for the dropping of the school song, the students have asked for the renaming of their football stadium after the first black varsity football player from Texas, Julius Whittier. They’re also wanting annual donations to Black Lives Matter and other similar organizations from the school’s athletic department revenue.