Guacamole Cheese is a Game Changer Causing Mixed Emotions

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Folks everywhere are looking for that “edge” to take their home celebrations from “meh” to “memorable,” and guacamole cheese is it. Imagine the possibilities with tacos, nachos, burritos… mmm. The list is seriously endless for the use of this stuff! But the reaction from cheese fans and the guacamole camp are a little different.

Beginning May 1, 2019, The Fresh Market (a chain of gourmet supermarkets) was selling guacamole cheese to its patrons at all 161 locations. The catch for Texas fans of this innovative food conglomeration was that this grocery chain closed all of its Lone Star State locations in 2016. If Texans absolutely need this in their life, they’ll have to get creative with their supply line.

Guacamole Cheese is a Game Changer Causing Mixed Emotions

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Amanti Guacamole Cheese is a Gouda-style cheese, which may not look all that appealing (considering its pale green color), but what it lacks in looks, it apparently makes up for in taste. It combines all the great flavors you’d expect in guacamole—avocado, lime juice, chili, onion, and garlic—with a cheese that can be melted, shredded, or served on its own. Can you imagine this melted into your favorite queso? Or how about over the top of some trash can nachos?! But we digress. Social media followers of this latest food trend have, in some instances, freaked about the concoction. “THIS DOES A DISSERVICE TO BOTH GUACAMOLE AND CHEESE we do not have to tolerate this,” one woman tweeted. “Guacamole-infused gouda cheese’ I no longer understand anything,” another wrote.

Guacamole Cheese is a Game Changer Causing Mixed Emotions

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Part of Daily Dairy’s line of Amanti cheeses, the product is said to be made with real avocados. Fresh Market dietician Meghan Flynn stated that “Avocado puree is added right before they [Daily Dairy cheesemakers] press the cheese curd into shape to keep the puree as fresh as possible.” Amanti also makes green pesto, red pesto, and black pepper cheese products, among others. However, the love-hate relationship that seems to be developing over Amanti’s latest product is definitely causing a social media stir unlike others. But the real question is, will it cause sales?